The Garden provides high end canapés for a variety of companies based in the City and West London. Our products have been developed by in house chefs using fresh and exciting ingredients to create products that look attractive, taste delicious and most importantly hold well during the course of your event. Our canapés are handmade on our premises and can be finished on site if required. All canapés are attractively presented on elegant contemporary white china or natural black slate. Prices exclude vat.

We can also provide well-presented, helpful and courteous serving staff to provide an efficient, hassle-free service.


Wild Mushroom Croustade £1.10
Wild mushrooms with crème fraiche and fresh thyme.

Gorgonzola Crostini £1.10
Italian creamy blue cheese with fresh parsley and red grape.

Brie and Chutney Crostini £1.10
French brie served on a crostini base with caramelised red onion chutney.

Thai Selection £1.20
Mini spring rolls, Thai parcel, samosa, money bag.

Halloumi Brochette £1.30
Roasted skewers of red peppers, courgette and halloumi marinated in Greek spices

Asparagus Square £1.40
Asparagus, mascarpone and fresh salsa in a pastry square.

Mozzarella Bruschetta £1.30
Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato, olives and fresh basil on a crisp ciabatta base.

Goats Cheese & Beetroot Filo £1.30
Goats cheese with spicy beetroot chutney in filo tart.

Mediterranean Filo £1.40
Baked vine tomato, capers, tapenade and caramelised red onion in filo tart.

Beetroot & Thyme Rosti £1.40
Served with crumbled goats cheese and walnuts.

Baked Italian Vine Tomato £1.20
Cherry tomato’s filled with Bocconcini cheese and fresh basil.

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Crostini £1.20
Served with goats cheese and caramelised onion.

Pecorino on Parmesan Pastry £1.40
A mix of cheese, pinenut, basil and crème fraiche sprinkled with olives and chives on parmesan pastry.

Courgette & Tapenade £1.30
Griddled courgette bases topped with black olive tapenade, sundried tomato and fresh basil.

Crudité Shot Glass £1.30
Batons of carrot, celery and peppers served with a pecorino dip in a shot glass.

Moroccan Feta Rosti £1.40
Feta cheese, fresh coriander and harissa paste on a Moroccan spiced rosti.

Red Pepper Gazpacho £1.40
A blend of fresh peppers, tomato, red chillies and garlic, served in a shot glass with a garnish of basil pesto.

Mozzarella Stack £1.50
Layers of mozzarella, pesto and roasted tomato served on a mini round pastry.

Italian Mini Cone £1.50
Sun blushed tomato, asparagus, mascarpone, and parmesan shavings in a crisp cone.


Parma Ham Scone £1.50
Parma ham, peppered cream cheese, red pesto and basil on a parmesan flavoured scone.

Parma Ham Wrap £1.50
Mozzarella, red pesto, and rocket wrapped with Parma ham.

Caesar Chicken Shortbread £1.50
Marinated chicken breast, pancetta, watercrest and drizzled Caesar dressing on parmesan shortbread.

Mexican Chicken Tostada £1.50
Mexican spiced chicken breast served with salsa, sour cream and fresh coriander on a tostada base.

Serrano Parcel £1.50
Cream cheese, red pesto and serrano ham tied with a fresh chive ribbon.

Chorizo and Feta Basket £1.40
Chorizo basket with feta, mascapone, tomato, olive and coriander

Chicken Tikka on Paratha £1.50
Indian spiced chicken, mango chutney, cucumber raita and coriander on a mini paratha base.

Serrano Melon Aperitifs £1.50
Mini cantaloupe melon balls skewered with Serrano ham and fresh basil.

Indonesian Brochette £1.30
Chicken breast and yellow pepper marinated in Indonesian spices and coconut cream roasted on a skewer.

Cuban Brochette £1.30
Chicken breast marinated with Cuban BBQ spices and chorizo on a skewer.

Cocktail Sausage £1.10
Mini cocktail sausages cooked in a sweet & sticky combination of honey and wholegrain mustard.

Persian Lamb Brochette £1.50
Marinated seasoned lamb kebabs served with a tsaiki yogurt dip.

Aromatic Duck Roll £1.50
Served in pancake rolls with spring onion, shredded cucumber and plum sauce

Carpaccio Crostini £1.50
Carpaccio, capers, rocket, parmesan, balsamic reduction on a sundried tomato crostini.

Beef Yorkshire Pudding £1.50
Slow cooked beef served with baby Yorkshire pudding, port gravy, watercress and horseradish.

Steak & Béarnaise £1.50
Crisp shredded potato topped with tenderised cuts of Ribeye steak and Béarnaise sauce.

Pulled Pork Slider £3.00
Slow cooked with balsamic, honey, hoisin and garlic, served with red slaw on an open bun.

Beef Burgers Slider £3.00
Mini homemade Cuban BBQ burgers served on an open bun with spinach leaves and fresh salsa.


Prawns on Cucumberl £1.10
Served with cocktail sauce on cucumber rounds

Smoked Salmon Blini £1.20
Served with cream cheese, chive, black pepper and a squeeze of lemon

Mini Prawn Cocktail £1.20
Layers of crisp iceberg lettuce, prawns, Marie Rose sauce lemon and black pepper served in a shot glass.

Crab Crostini £1.30
Crab mixed with fresh tarragon, cream cheese and crème fraiche on an olive crostini.

Lemongrass Prawn Croustade £1.20
Prawns mixed with lemongrass and fresh coriander on a croustade base.

Chill Prawn Croustade £1.20
Lemongrass prawns or sweet chilli prawns in croustade

Crab Sesame Cone £1.50
White crab meat, fresh coriander and ginger in a mini sesame cone.

Prawn Tostada £1.30
Prawns, fresh coriander, pickled Jalapeno, and guacamole on a tostada base.

Oriental Salmon Fillet £1.50
Salmon fillet baked in a wasabi and soy paste served with a rice wine dipping sauce.

Seared Tuna £1.50
Rolled with black sesame, wasabi mayo and ginger.

Halibut and Romensco £1.50
Baked halibut served with a roasted pepper and almond sauce, fresh dill on an crostini base.

Tuna and Salsa Verde £1.50
Seared tuna served with a salsa verde, fresh mint on a crostini base.

Smoked Mackerel on Rye £1.50
Hot smoked mackerel, mixed with lemon, English mustard and sour cream served with picked red onion and fresh dill on rye.

Thai Fish Cakes £1.50
Made with haddock, chilli, ginger, coriander and spring onions served with a sweet chilli dip.

Coconut Flaked Prawn £1.50
Crisp king prawns served with a lime aioli dip or sweet chilli dip.

Marinated King Prawns £1.50
Skewered king prawns infused with garlic butter and fresh herbs.

Thai Spiced Prawns £1.50
Skewered king prawns infused with Thai spices, lemongrass and red pepper.

Smoked Salmon & Beetroot Parcel £1.50
Smoked salmon filled with cream cheese and beetroot wrapped with a fresh chive ribbon.

Crab and Red Pepper Rosti £1.50
Spicy white crab meat and fresh coriander on a red pepper rosti.


Fruit Skewer £1.50
Mini Cheesecakes £1.20
Mini Chocolate Eclairs £1.10
Mini Chocolate Brownies
with Raspberries £1.30
Mini Lemon Meringues £1.30
Mini Passionfruit & Kiwi Meringues £1.30
Mini Cherry Tartlettes £1.30
Mini Fruit Tartlettes £1.30
Mini Strawberry and Cream Scones £1.10
Mini Eton Mess £1.50
Petit Fours £1.10
Mini Macarons £1.40
Minis Chocolate Cakes £1.40

All prices quoted are per person and are exclusive of vat. Management reserve the right to make changes to menus and prices.