Here are a few tips on how to improved your offering and keep costs to a minimum. Remember who you are ordering for, is it men or women, reduce slightly if your guests are predominantly women and increase slightly if it is for men. Consider what time the function is; if it is early evening people will generally eat less as they would have probably arranged their dinner elsewhere. Maybe some finger food or a light cold buffet are a better option! Don’t over order remember you are more likely to have less guests attend rather than more. If you are concerned about late arrivers missing the food leave a small selection to the side which can be brought out at a later time.

When ordering one and a half sandwiches per person is advised. If you want to make sandwiches more exciting why no add a few finger food items or various cold platters and mini finger desserts. When ordering extra items reduce your sandwiches order as one round should be sufficient. Most important keep sandwiches wrapped for as long as possible, bread will dry out quickly especially in a warm room.

Too many finger food items on there own can be expensive; try and combine them with sandwiches to make the meal more filling and bring the price down. Also combine various meat, cheese or dessert platters will add variety and make the meal more exciting. From experience mini finger food desserts look and taste great as well as adding lots of vibrance to the table.

Ideal if you are not sure when you are going to take a break or your meal is to be served over a long period of time. Cold Buffets generally need quite a lot of space but will allow you to create an impressive display of food.

With the use of our grand roll top chaffing dishes hot buffets will impress your guests as well as fill them up. We strongly recommend ‘wet dishes’ such as stews and cassarols as these hold well over time rather than dry out. If you want more than one course why not add a few canapes or table snacks rather than a starter, this will add to the evenings offering and and help keep cost down.

Be experimantal with the use of our many oil based marinades, these will seal the meat containing all the juices and flavors as well as add flavour. Also let your guest choose how they want there steak cooked; medium or well done with a marinade or without, from experience this alway adds excitment to the event.

Don’t order too many 3 to 4 an hour should be sufficient. Also be conscious of what time you are serving your guests are they going to have dinner after or not. If they are then a couple of canapes would be sufficient. If not why not place some table snack such as antipasta, bread sticks and various platters around the venue, this will allow you to fill your guest up at a cheaper price. Too many canapes can become tedious for your guests!

If on a budget instead of offering individual dessert why not offer a few cheese or fresh fruit platters to increase your offering. This will allow your guest to have another course and not increase your price per head by much. An attractive platter of mini finger food deserts also works well.

Why not offer your guest a selection of our mini pastries instead of the typical full size ones, this will give you variety and keep costs to a minimum. If you want to provide your guest with something more substantial opt for Pain a Chocolate or Pain a Raisin pastries, these are easier to eat and you don’t need butter, jam or knives when served. Fresh fruit platters also work well as a breakfast option.