The Garden Catering provides hot and cold breakfast options for a variety of blue chip companies in the City and West London. We have the capacity to offer a complete service including elegant roll-top chaffing dishes to serve hot items from, as well as contemporary crockery, cutlery, glassware, table linen and staffing. Please also note our canapé items that are an attractive, convenient, and cost effective way to entertain guests. Prices exclude vat.

Croissant, Butter and Jam


Mini Strawberry and Cream Scone


Mini Parma Ham and Mascarpone Bagel


Fruit Platter


Mini Yoghurt Pot


With Honey and Blueberries

Pain au Chocolate


Mini Blueberry Pancake


Blueberry pancake with sweet mascarpone and maple syrup topped with blueberries.

Mini Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel


Fruit Platter (small)


Pain au Raisin


Mini Banana Pancake


Banana, oat and walnut pancake with maple syrup.

Melon Aperitif


Fruit Salad Bowl


French Bread, Butter and Jam


Mini Berry Pancake


Mixed berries pancake with raspberry coulis.

Mini Egg Benedict