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Hot Canapé Catering

The Garden catering provide canapés for a wide variety of corporate events and civil functions including boardroom lunches, receptions and product launches. We offer a selection of both modern and traditional flavours, served on elegant contemporary platters. Canapés can be selected from any of our hot canapés, cold canapés, sweet dessert canapés menus and further combined with our buffet selections. We can also provide well-presented, helpful and courteous serving staff to provide an efficient, hassle-free service.


Thai Selection


Spring rolls, Thai parcel, samosa, money bag

Halloumi Brochette


Roasted skewers of red peppers, courgette and halloumi marinated in Greek spices

Beetroot and Thyme Rosti


Served with crumbled goats cheese and walnuts.

Courgette and Tapenade


Griddled courgette bases topped with black olive tapenade, sundried tomato and fresh basil.

Moroccan Feta Rosti


Feta cheese, fresh coriander and harissa paste on a Moroccan spiced rosti.


Mexican Chicken Tostada


Mexican spiced chicken breast served with salsa, sour cream and fresh coriander on a tostada base.

Chorizo and Feta Basket


Chorizo basket with feta, mascapone, tomato, olive and coriander

Chicken Tikka on Paratha


Indian spiced chicken, mango chutney, cucumber raita and coriander on a mini paratha base.

Indonesian Brochette


Chicken breast and yellow pepper marinated in Indonesian spices and coconut cream roasted on a skewer.

Cocktail Sausage


Mini cocktail sausages cooked in a sweet and sticky combination of honey and wholegrain mustard.

Persian Lamb Brochette


Marinated seasoned lamb kebabs served with a tsaiki yogurt dip.

Cuban Chicken Brochette


Chicken breast marinated with Cuban BBQ spices and chorizo on a skewer.

Steak and Béarnaise


Crisp shredded potato topped with tenderised cuts of Ribeye steak and Béarnaise sauce.

Pulled Pork Slider


Slow cooked with balsamic, honey, hoisin and garlic, served with red slaw on an open bun.

Beef Burgers Slider


Mini homemade Cuban BBQ burgers served on an open bun with spinach leaves and fresh salsa.

Beef Yorkshire Pudding


Slow cooked beef served with baby Yorkshire pudding, port gravy, watercress and horseradish.


Oriental Salmon Fillet


Salmon fillet baked in a wasabi and soy paste served with a rice wine dipping sauce.

Halibut and Romensco


Baked halibut served with a roasted pepper and almond sauce, fresh dill on an crostini base.

Tuna and Salsa Verde


Seared tuna served with a salsa verde, fresh mint on a crostini base.

Thai Fish Cakes


Made with haddock, chilli, ginger, coriander and spring onions served with a sweet chilli dip.

Coconut Flaked Prawn


Crisp king prawns served with a lime aioli dip or sweet chilli dip.

Marinated King Prawns


Skewered king prawns infused with garlic butter and fresh herbs.

Thai Spiced Prawns


Skewered king prawns infused with Thai spices, lemongrass and red pepper.