Cold Canapé

The Garden provides high end cold canapés for a variety of companies based in the City and West London. Our canapés have been developed by in house chefs using fresh and exciting ingredients to create products that look attractive, taste delicious and most importantly hold well during the course of your event. Our canapés are handmade on our premises and can be finished on site if required. All canapés are attractively presented on elegant contemporary white china or natural black slate. Prices exclude vat. We can also provide well-presented, helpful and courteous serving staff to provide an efficient, hassle-free service.

Halloumi Brochette


Roasted skewers of red peppers, courgette and halloumi marinated in Greek spices

Crudité Shot Glass


Batons of carrot, celery and peppers served with a pecorino dip in a shot glass.

Mexican Chicken Tostada


Mexican spiced chicken breast served with salsa, sour cream and fresh coriander on a tostada base.

Aromatic Duck Roll


Aromatic duck served in a pancake rolls with spring onion, shredded cucumber and plum sauce.

Cod and Romensco


Baked cod served with a roasted pepper and almond sauce, fresh dill on an crostini base.

Crab and Red Pepper Rosti


Spicy white crab meat and fresh coriander on a red pepper rosti.

Asparagus Salsa Square


Asparagus, mascarpone and fresh salsa in a pastry square.

Moroccan Feta Rosti


Feta cheese, fresh coriander and harissa paste on a Moroccan spiced rosti.

Serrano Parcel


Cream cheese, red pesto and serrano ham tied with a fresh chive ribbon.

Steak & Béarnaise


Crisp shredded potato topped with tenderised cuts of Ribeye steak and Béarnaise sauce.

Tuna and Salsa Verde


Seared tuna served with a salsa verde, fresh mint on a crostini base.

Carpaccio Crostini


Carpaccio, capers, rocket, parmesan, balsamic reduction on a sundried tomato crostini.

Goats Cheese & Beetroot Filo


Goats cheese with spicy beetroot chutney in filo tart.

Red Pepper Gazpacho


A blend of fresh peppers, tomato, red chillies and garlic, served in a shot glass with a garnish of basil pesto.

Chorizo and Feta Basket


Chorizo basket with feta, mascapone, tomato, olive and coriander.

Smoked Salmon Blini


Served with cream cheese, chive, black pepper and a squeeze of lemon